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Will You Be a Big WINNER (or Loser) on your next New or Used Car Purchase?

Discover How Car Makers, Car Dealers, Car Insurance Companies and Banks Are Robbing You Blind....
And How You Can Put An End To It For The Rest Of Your Life!

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Fact: The average American will spend more than $1.4 million on Car Purchases, Auto Insurance Premiums and Interest Payments on Car Loans during their lifetime.

Fact: Of that $1.4 million, most will throw away 10% of that money - that's more than $146,000....or $3,244.44 every single year.

Fact: Most don't even know they're doing it.

Year after year, you are losing thousands of dollars from "legitimate schemes" created by Car Insurance Companies, Banks, Car Dealers and Car Manufacturers

And many times, you're not even aware you're the target of these schemes.

So....If you want to avoid giving your hard earned money away, spend some time discovering how it's done - review the 10 Commandments and find out how to stop giving away almost $3,500 each and every year.

- The 1st Commandment -
Thou Shall Not Make $5,000 Mistakes When Looking To Purchase New or Used Cars, Trucks, Vans & SUV's

Want More?  Then see the rest of the 1st Commandment - the "Complete Guide To New and Used Car Internet Research" - Find out how the Pro's do it.

- The 2nd Commandment -
Thou Shall Not Make The Same Mistake That 60% Of All Americans Make When They're Getting Ready To Purchase a Car

Want More?  Then see the rest of the 2nd Commandment - the "Complete Guide To Selecting The Right Vehicle For Your Next New or Used Car Purchase"

- The 3rd Commandment -
Thou Shall Learn How, When & Where To Get The Best Car Loans....Before You Purchase Your Car, Truck, Minivan or SUV

Want More?  Then see the rest of the 3rd Commandment - "New and Used Car Loan Help"

- The 4th Commandment -
Thou Shall Learn How, When & Where To Get The Best Car and Truck Leases

Want More?  Then see the rest of the 4th Commandment - "How To Lease A New Car or Truck"

- The 5th Commandment -
Thou Shall Find Out How Much Car Warranties Cost, Who Should Get One & Where To Get The Best....Before You Purchase Your Car or Truck

Want More?  Then see our guide to Extended Automobile Warranties

- The 6th Commandment -
Thou Shall Discover How To Save 20% - 40% On All The Auto Parts & Car Accessories You Need - Before Your Purchase....or After

Want More?  Then see the rest of the 6th Commandment - The Complete Guide To Custom Car Truck SUV Minivan Auto Parts

- The 7th Commandment -
Thou Shall Learn How To Get The Same Price The Car Dealers Best Friend Gets When He or She Buys A New Car, Truck, Van or SUV

Want More?  Then see the rest of the 7th Commandment - How To Get The Best Car Prices

- The 8th Commandment -
Thou Shall Make Sure Your Used Car, Truck, Van or SUV Purchase Is A "Treasured Dream"....Not A "Nightmare"

Want More?  Then see the rest of the 8th Commandment - Purchase Used Cars Online

- The 9th Commandment -
Thou Shall Become A Car Dealer If One Wants To Sell A Used Car....Relax, It's Only For 1 Day

Want More?  Then see the rest of the 9th Commandment - How To Sell A Used Car

- The 10th Commandment -
Thou Shall Know What Will Happen The Day You Purchase Your Car, Truck, Van or SUV, What To Look Out For....& What To Do Once You Get Home

Want More?  Then see the rest of the 10th Commandment - the "Complete Guide To Your Purchase Day at The Dealership....& What To Do Now That The Car, Truck or SUV is Yours"

I do have an obligation to point out that not all Car Makers, Dealers, Salespeople, Insurance Companies and Banks are greedy or crooked.  This site is dedicated to honest Companies and their Professional Employees who've grown weary of the ignorant and classless giving the automotive related industry a black eye......a black eye that I feel is very close to being permanent.

By using these new and used car guides, I hope to be able to help you find the Best Businesses, and the Professionals that represent them, with very little effort on your part and help you....

Save More Money and More Time Than You Ever Have Before.

It is also my hope that these Companies and the Professionals that represent them will have more business than they can handle - a reward they justly deserve.

Thank you for visiting My New Car Purchase - and please take 5 seconds to or perhaps let a friend or relative know about us - Click here to send this page to a friend.

I guarantee that you will have an exceptional experience the next time you buy a car, van, truck or SUV - again, thank you for visiting this Web Site!

Tom O'Leary - "A Concerned Dad....and Automotive Analyst"

New Car Purchase - Exceptional New Car Purchase Advice and Automobile Purchase Strategies for your next new car or used automobile purchase.

Feel free to e-mail me at: Tom at my new car purchase (no spaces) dot com - or take a few seconds to send a question or comment by Clicking Here

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