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My New Car Purchase was created as a free resource offering car purchase advice and auto related strategies for those just beginning to consider buying a car, those getting ready to complete a car purchase....and for everyone in-between.

Many people are looking for unique and proven strategies for their car purchase.  In fact, the initial idea for My New Car Purchase.com camefrom talks between a Dad & his Teenage Daughters.

For months & months, his daughters peppered him with questions about which vehicles were the best and which were the worst.  Or they asked qestions about insurance and car loans.  The questions went on-and-on.

Every answer this Dad gave to his daughters was soon followed by the most popular questions uttered by teenage daughter's (and son's) everywhere....

"Why".... & "How Come"

Every year, millions of Mom's and Dad's have the exact same discussion with their kids - whether the Kid's are 16 years old....or 30.  And for many Parents, the first answer to "Why" and "How Come" is -


When Mom or Dad finally give them an answer, it's usually based on their own personal experience.  No surprise there.  That's what Mom's & Dad's do - they share their experiences with their Son's and Daughters.  Mom and Dad pass along what they've done in the past....and what they're going now.

The problem with that approach is that much of what Mom & Dad pass along to their kid's in the way of advice is a bit...skewered.  It's not exactly wrong - but it's not right either.  It's kind of like helping the kids study for a test but only helping them with half of what they need to know.

But it's not Mom & Dad's fault - they just don't realize the advice they're giving is a little off.  They're simply passing along what theyknow. 

This Dad we mentioned earlier....the one with the teenage daughters....he knew a little more than most about all this car, insurance and loanbusiness.  You see, he's been in the car business for years.  Most recently as an Automotive Portfolio Analyst - which is a fancy term for "Automotive Consultant".  He's helped large small, medium and large Companies manage their Auto & Truck Fleets - and has saved his clients more than $300 Million dollars.

This Dad soon had his Daughter's friends pestering him for advice.  Then their Parents started pestering him at social events.  It soon became obvious to this Dad that a lot of folks were looking for solid advice about cars, van's, trucks and SUV's....and all the related expenses that go along with that purchase. 

Wow!  They should be!.  This Dad did a little more research and found that the average person will spend more than one million dollars during their lifetime on automotive needs. 

That's $1,000,000....What a HUGE amount of money! 

So, he did a little more research and figured out that most folks will lose more than $100,000 on legal schemes dreamed up by Car Makers, Car Dealers, Insurance Companies and Banks.  Think about that for a second....100 Grand!  If you drive for only 40 years, let's say to age 60, you'd be losing mor than $3,000 a year.

If you're 80 years old, and still driving, you're likely to throw-away another $50,000.

And you know what's sad....most have no idea they're throwing away any of their money.

So, what did this Dad do about it? 

Why, he started a New Company - My New Car Purchase.com.  This Company would provide new and used car, truck, van and SUV buyers, as well as current owners a bit of "insider information".  The information would be delivered with a common-sense approach that would help the new or used car shopper have the best experience possible....save a ton of money while they were at it....year after year after year.

At My New Car Purchase, we believe that a car purchase should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience.  The Car Purchase Guides provide unparalleled support and advice when you're looking to buy a new or used vehicle and the related expenses that go with any purchase.

My New Car Purchase is Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio.  The Founder, Tom O'Leary (the Dad mentioned earlier), and his team bring a tremendous amount of experience in the Finance, E-Commerce and Automotive Industry sectors.

Shopping for a new or used vehicle, and all the related expenses such as insurance and loans, is typically not a lot of fun.  In fact, Automotive Retailing is is still one of most despised Industries in existence - not only in the U.S., but World Wide.  And the Banking and Insurance Industries?  They're some of the most profitable industries in existence today - at your expense.

We simply wish to show you how to keep more money in your wallet or purse...and not give so much of it away.

Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions regarding My New Car Purchase.com.  We will do everything possible to ensure that your experience with My New Car Purchase.com is rewarding and helpful.  Most of all....we wish you the best as you plan your next car, van, truck or SUV purchase.

Wishing Son's, Daughters and Mom's & Dad's Everywhere....The Very Best!

Best Regards,

Tom O'Leary  - "A Concerned Dad....and Automotive Analyst"


E-mail - "tom at my new car purchase (no spaces) dot com" or click here to send a question or comment.

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