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I have a friend that sold a 1997 Honda Accord by advertising it for sale in the Local Paper.  He sold the car in just a couple of days, and along with the other required paperwork, he also had a completed Bill of Sale.

Three weeks later, the Highway Patrol showed up at his home.  They were conducting an investigation on a suspected Odometer roll-back on a 1997 Honda Accord - the one he just sold.  And he got the impression that the Police thought he had something to do with it.

Well, he just showed the Officer all the paperwork, including a copy of the Title made the day of the transaction (that's important) and a Bill Of Sale - notarized of course.

Since he had recognized proof of the actual sale, he was quickly able to establish that he had nothing to with any Odometer Roll-back.  It turns-out the guy who bought the Accord had a history of doing this.

Remember this folks - when you are selling a motorized vehicle, always have a Bill of Sale - to protect yourself....and to protect the person you're selling to.

Just below is an Automobile or Vehicle Bill Of Sale - Go ahead and review it quickly.  If you want to Print a Clean Copy of an auto bill of sale form, just click here.  And remember to print 2 copies - one for your records and one for the buyers.

Vehicle Sold To ___________________________________ (Insert Buyers Full Name) by

___________________________________________ (Insert Sellers Full Name) One (1)

____________________________________________ (Year, Make, Model).

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or Serial Number: ______________________________

Sold For $ __________________ and was Sold "As- Is".

Odometer Reading is ____________________ Miles - Or Number of Hours is _____________.

Sellers Name:____________________________________

Sellers Signature:________________________________


Buyers Name:_____________________________________

Buyers Signature :_________________________________



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