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New and Used Car Dealer Fees

Discover The Only Three Things You Must Pay For When You Purchase A Car...
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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

When you buy a new, or a pre-owned car, van, truck or SUV, there only three things you have to pay.

  1. The Total Selling Price of the Car (Destination/Shipping is included)
  2. Taxes
  3. Title, License and Registration - anything between $150 & $200 is an acceptable figure - more than that and it's border-line theft.

That's it - Nothing more.  Nothing Less.

Yet, I saw a Study last year that indicated almost 40% of all Car Dealers tried to add additional costs to the purchase contracts - cost's that were not disclosed earlier to the buyer.

Heck, it's no wonder only 29% of all car, van, truck and SUV buyers enjoyed themselves the last time they made a purchase.

When does this stunt usually happen?   Usually it's long after you have agreed to a selling price.  And very often you don't find out about these additional charges until it's time to sign the contracts.  Sometimes these additional fee's are ridiculously high - Here are some examples and what I want you to watch out for.

So here's a valuable tip to avoid a very unpleasant surprise that will ruin the entire purchase - always get the total selling price from the Car Dealer....Up-front.

And if they try to slip additional costs into the deal - WALK OUT.  Don't be embarrassed & don't be afraid.  You deserve better!

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