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The Real Facts About Car Rebates and Incentives And Why Some Incentives and Rebates Are Nothing More Than Gimmicks....
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Nothing in Life is Free....

Ahhhh!  Freebies!  Bennies!  Aren't the Manufacturers and Dealers such nice folks.  They're actually going to PAY purchase or lease one of their new cars, trucks, minivans or SUV's.  Yep, they're going to give you an incentive or rebate.  Or maybe they'll toss another type of benefit out there for you to think about - maybe one of those NO COST loans. 

Heck, you're going to save a ton-of-money.   Life is good!

No it's not.....

Hate to burst your bubble....but I have to.  If you purchase or lease a car, van, truck or SUV that has huge rebates or fantastic incentives - you're going to lose a ton-of-money.

And the really sad part of this probably already know it's going to happen.  You've just forgotten an important lesson in life....a lesson you learned years-and-years ago.  And if you've never had this "Lesson in Life", it's one that you need to file away forever.  Here it is.

When you were growing up, did a parent, or someone you respected, ever tell you....

"Nothing In Life Is Free."

Have you heard that before?  How about this one?

"There's Always A Catch"

Do they sound familiar?  Bet they do - here's an example that will make it obvious.  If a complete stranger comes up to you on the street and offers to give you a crisp $100 bill, for nothing, the hair-on-the-back-of-your-neck is going to stand straight-up.

And the first thought to pop-into-your-head will be "What's the Catch" - and I would say that 99.9% of us would react that way.

Then why is it, that when Car Makers and Dealers offer us $3,000, $4,000 or even $8,000, almost 55% of us grab the cash as fast-as-we-can.

Here's The Catch

Many Car Manufacturers offer some type of New Car Incentive or Rebate.  It's an an attempt to entice you, lure you, or bribe you, into considering their car, van, truck or SUV.  The Manufacturers use them as a way to hopefully increase sales on vehicles that are not selling well. 

If a Car Maker has to give you $3,000, $4,000 or even $8,0000 for you to buy their car, van, truck or SUV, the....

Hair-On-The-Back-Of-Your-Neck Should Be Standing On-End.

The "Catch" is this -

Does it make any sense at all for a Car Maker to offer you $4000 to buy their car?  Put a post-it-note on your bathroom mirror to remind you that Nothing in life is ever free.

If cash or heavy incentives have to be used to sell a car, truck, van, or SUV, it usually means that particular vehicle is a "loser" - and if 0% financing is offered on top of that, "Run For The Hills" because something stinks.

What business (in their right-mind) is going to Pay You to purchase their product....& then lend you the Money - At No Cost, to buy their product.

The fact is, not many would.  Only those that make a poor product - or make a product no one wants.

Here are examples of "The Catch" and "Nothing in Life is Free" -

Rebates: Usually an immediate Cash-Back Offer that is used to lower the selling price of a car, van, truck or SUV.  Sometimes combined with an Incentive as well.

Incentives: Usually a Special Financing Offer with Interest Rates far, far below current market rates.  Also occasionally combined with a Rebate.

Gimmicks: A more recent offering - they include offers such as "No Payments For 1 Year", "A 10 Year Warranty" and "Employee Pricing."

The Bottom Line

The typical vehicle with huge rebates & incentives usually has a great selling price - until you read the fine print and find out that it's the base model with nothing in it.  After adding the accessories you want, the selling price that looked so good is....

Almost the same price as the best-in-class is.

Yep, the Total Price is almost the same as its competitors....even with the rebate!  So, you've just spent money on an inferior product when you could have bought the best for the same money.

That's The Catch.

If your initial research leads you to a vehicle that has HUGE Rebates & Incentives, spend a couple of extra minutes and find out just how much money you could lose by taking advantage of the rebate and incentive offers."

One more thing - If a car or truck you're looking at has a $750 - $1,500 Rebate or Cash Back, it's usually OK - as long as that car, van, truck or SUV doesn't have the rebate offered month-after-month-after-month.  If your research shows it's a top-pick, go ahead and spend 5 more minutes of your time just to make sure - Click here to learn how to avoid making a $9,711 mistake - it's well worth your time.

Enjoy your shopping....and remember....nothing in life is free.

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