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Each Number on the Car Lease Contract is explained below.

Auto Lease Contract And Agreement

1 Lessee: You are the Lessee
2 Amount Due At Signing: This is the amount you must pay up-front to take delivery of the vehicle
3 Monthly Payment: Your Monthly Payment
4 Other Charges: Additional charges such as a Disposition Fee
5 Total Of Payments: Total amount paid during the Auto Lease.  This total does not include any refundable amounts
6 Itemization Of Amount Due At Signing
6a Itemization:  Amount due at signing - should equal 6B
6b Itemization: How amount due at signing will be paid - should equal 6A
7 Your Monthly Payment is determined by Steps 8 -13
8 Gross Capitalized Cost: Is negotiable and is essentially the Sale Price
9 Capitalized Cost Reduction: Any amount used as "Money Down" - it is subtracted from the Gross Capitalized Cost
10  Rent Charge: This amount is like the interest or finance charge on a loan or credit agreement
11 Lease Payments: The number of payments to be made - The Term of the Auto Lease
12 Monthly Sales/Use Tax: Taxes added to your base monthly payment that are not included in the Gross Capitalized Cost
13 Total Monthly Payments: In addition to your monthly payment, you may have to pay personal property taxes, registration and other items.  Look for these amounts in your contract
14 Early Termination: Read your contract carefully to understand how early termination charges will be calculated
15 Excessive Wear & Tear: Make sure you understand what counts as excessive Wear & Tear in your contract
16 Excess Mileage Charge: Try to have the mileage limits for your Auto Lease match your driving needs
17 Purchase Option: If you have a purchase option, a dollar amount or a reference to an independent pricing guide should be provided - My Advice is don't unless mileage or wear & tear limits have been exceeded greatly.

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