Do You Know what Your Credit Score Is?  Or Maybe have an idea what it might be?  Then Jump Right To These Proven Methods for Getting a Car Loan if you have poor or bad credit!

If you think you have Bad Credit yet don't know what your Credit Score is, you'd better find out...before a slick-talking Bad Credit Finance Manager picks-your-pocket for more than $3,000.  Read "Personal Credit Reports - Your 'Grown-Up' Report Card".

This report gives you the knowledge you need to make the decisions that will save you thousands!

Discover Just How Much Those With Marginal Credit, Poor Credit & Bad Credit Get Ripped Off!

Did you know that a good Special Finance Manager will make $250,000 to $300,000 a year.  These folks can work out of gleaming, brand-new Dealerships....or even those small, private lots on various street corners throughout the U.S.  Whether you're looking for a new Domestic model, a Japanese model or just a decent used car, special finance managers have an office in almost all of them.

More recently, 100's and 100's of Special Finance Web Sites have been popping-up all over the Web offering to provide car loans to those with bad credit.

The fact is, providing Loans for people with bad credit is extremely lucrative.  And it's lucrative because the processes in place are set-up to take advantage of those that are unaware of the real options they have. not Apply For Car Loans all over town and on the Internet....and do not go near a Car Dealer till you know exactly what to do for your particular situation.

How To Get A Better Bad Credit Car Loan....And A Better Interest Rate

The 1st must know what your Credit Score is.  If you do not, it's like going to a gun-fight armed only with your fists - you are going to lose....and lose big!  Knowing your score is the only way to be on equal-footing with Dealer's and Lender's.

If you've recently checked your score, good for you - memorize it and be ready to defend it when you begin this process.  The rest of you?  Here's how it's done.

Congress has recently passed legislation that allows each of us access to 1 free Credit Report a year (see Personal Credit Reports - Your 'Grown-Up' Report Card".  It's a great way to find out what your Creditors are saying about you.  However, they can be difficult to understand....and they don't show what your Credit Score is!

And although both are used in most Loan decisions, the Credit Score, not the Credit Report, is what typically is used to determine whether you'll get a car loan and at what Interest Rate.

Unfortunately, to get your Credit Score, you have to go to the source....and their are only three.

  1. Experian
  2. Equifax
  3. And Trans Union

Each Lender in the U.S. has an existing contract with one of these three Credit Reporting Agencies.  When you're trying to get a loan, credit credit or even insurance, the Lender will request a Credit Report and Score from one of those companies.  The problem with that is, you don't know which Company the lender is using.

My suggestion is this - you don't need the info from all three.  One is good enough.  I recommend using Trans Union because they use a very strict scoring model.  If the Lender you end-up working with uses one of the other two companies, you're in good shape because your Credit Score will actually be higher.

Will it cost a few dollars to get this info?  Absolutely - the last time I checked it was $14.95.  Is it worth it?  In my opinion, yes.  Because if you have Bad Credit and need a car loan, having this information will more than likely save you a minimum of $500 before you sign your Loan Contracts for the car you're needing.

I'll show you how and why you'll save $500 as you review the Credit Grading Systems below!  So make sure you get the info you need by visiting Trans Union.

Although there are exceptions that vary by region, the guidelines below are generally what Lenders use to "grade" your credit history and ultimately set your Interest Rates.

If you don't plan on getting your Credit Score and you're not sure on your exact score, begin at Tier 2.

Credit Scores & Car Loans: What Are Your Real Options

Here are the 5 recognized credit scoring Tiers and what your real options are for each situation.

Tom O'Leary is an Automotive Portfolio Analyst, Author and has been called a modern-day "Robin Hood" for his efforts in helping the Automotive Consumer.

Bad Credit New & Used Car Loans

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