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Minimum Car Insurance Requirements - All 50 states and D.C.

Find your State and determine what the Auto Insurance Requirements and Coverage's are

**The 1st two numbers refer to Bodily Injury Coverage. The 3rd refers to Personal Property Coverage.

State Is Liability Required? **Liability Minimums (Thousands of Dollars) Is PIP Required? No-Fault State? Is Uninsured Motorist Coverage Required? Best Insurance Quotes For Each State
Alabama Yes, 20/40/10 No No Yes Alabama Insurance Quotes
Alaska Yes, 50/100/25 No No Yes Alaska Insurance Quotes
Arizona Yes, 15/30/10 No No No Arizona Insurance Quotes
Arkansas Yes, 25/50/25 No No Yes Arkansas Insurance Quotes
California Yes, 15/30/5 No No Yes California Insurance Quotes
Colorado Yes, 25/50/15 No No Yes Colorado Insurance Quotes
Connecticut Yes, 20/40/10 No No Yes Connecticut Insurance Quotes
Delaware Yes, 15/30/10 Yes No Yes Delaware Insurance Quotes
Florida Yes, 10/20/10 Yes Yes Yes Florida Insurance Quotes
Georgia Yes, 25/50/25 No No Yes Georgia Insurance Quotes
Hawaii Yes, 20/40/10 Yes Yes Yes Hawaii Insurance Quotes
Idaho Yes, 25/50/15 No No No Idaho Insurance Quotes
Illinois Yes, 20/40/15 No No Yes Illinois Insurance Quotes
Indiana Yes, 25/50/10 No No Yes Indiana Insurance Quotes
Iowa Yes, 20/40/15 No No Yes Iowa Insurance Quotes
Kansas Yes, 25/50/10 Yes Yes Yes Kansas Insurance Quotes
Kentucky Yes, 25/50/10 Yes Yes Yes Kentucky Insurance Quotes
Louisiana Yes, 10/20/10 No No Yes Louisiana Insurance Quotes
Maine Yes, 50/100/25 No No Yes Maine Insurance Quotes
Maryland Yes, 20/40/15 Yes No Yes Maryland Insurance Quotes
Massachusetts Yes, 20/40/5 Yes Yes Yes Massachusetts Insurance Quotes
Michigan Yes, 20/40/10 Yes Yes No Michigan Insurance Quotes
Minnesota Yes, 30/60/10 Yes Yes Yes Minnesota Insurance Quotes
Mississippi Yes, 10/20/5 No No Yes Mississippi Insurance Quotes
Missouri Yes, 25/50/10 No No Yes Missouri Insurance Quotes
Montana Yes, 25/50/10 No No Yes Montana Insurance Quotes
Nebraska Yes, 25/50/25 No No No Nebraska Insurance Quotes
Nevada Yes, 15/30/10 No No Yes Nevada Insurance Quotes
New Hampshire No, 25/50/25 No No Yes New Hampshire Insurance Quotes
New Jersey Yes, 15/30/5 Yes Yes Yes New Jersey Insurance Quotes
New Mexico Yes, 25/50/10 No No Yes New Mexico Insurance Quotes
New York Yes, 25/50/10 Yes Yes Yes New York Insurance Quotes
North Carolina Yes, 30/60/25 No No Yes North Carolina Insurance Quotes
North Dakota Yes, 25/50/25 Yes Yes Yes North Dakota Insurance Quotes
Ohio Yes, 12.5/25/7.5 No No Yes Ohio Insurance Quotes
Oklahoma Yes, 10/20/10 No No Yes Oklahoma Insurance Quotes
Oregon Yes, 25/50/10 Yes No Yes Oregon Insurance Quotes
Pennsylvania Yes, 15/30/5 No Yes Yes Pennsylvania Insurance Quotes
Rhode Island Yes, 25/50/25 No No Yes Rhode Island Insurance Quotes
South Carolina No, 15/30/10 No No Yes South Carolina Insurance Quotes
South Dakota Yes, 25/50/25 No No Yes South Dakota Insurance Quotes
Tennessee Yes, 25/50/10 No No Yes Tennessee Insurance Quotes
Texas Yes, 20/40/15 No No Yes Texas Insurance Quotes
Utah Yes, 25/50/15 Yes Yes Yes Utah Insurance Quotes
Vermont Yes, 25/50/10 No No Yes Vermont Insurance Quotes
Virginia No, 25/50/20 No No Yes Virginia Insurance Quotes
Washington Yes, 25/50/10 No No Yes Washington Insurance Quotes
Washington D.C. Yes, 25/50/10 No Yes Yes Washington D.C. Insurance Quotes
West Virginia Yes, 20/40/10 No No Yes West Virginia Insurance Quotes
Wisconsin No, 25/50/10 No No Yes Wisconsin Insurance Quotes
Wyoming Yes, 25/50/20 No No Yes Wyoming Insurance Quotes

I do have an obligation to point out that not all Car Makers, Dealers, Salespeople, Insurance Companies and Banks are greedy or crooked.  This site is dedicated to honest Companies and their Professional Employees who've grown weary of the ignorant and classless giving the automotive related industry a black eye......a black eye that I feel is very close to being permanent.

By using these new and used car guides, I hope to be able to help you find the Best Businesses, and the Professionals that represent them, with very little effort on your part and help you....

Save More Money and More Time Than You Ever Have Before.

It is also my hope that these Companies and the Professionals that represent them will have more business than they can handle - a reward they justly deserve.

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Tom O'Leary  - "A Concerned Dad....and Automotive Analyst"

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