How To Cut Your No-Shows By 75%

When prospective buyers call, or e-mail, tell them that the vehicle will be available for review and test-drives the following Saturday ( or the day of your choosing)  between 9am - 12pm at your Bank.

Remember, you've already spoken with the Bank about a Loan for the new buyer - just make sure you call them and say you'll be over on Saturday and your Bank (or one that you've chosen) will handle the transaction.

After you've given the prospective buyer this information, just ask them

1. Is that OK?

If it's not OK, apologize and say that's the only day it can done because of your work hours.  Don't worry if they say no - Move on, because a bunch of other prospective buyers won't have a problem with it.

By asking that simple question, you've just....cut your no-shows by 25%.

If this person is okay with the Saturday review, you then ask for their first name.  Just say,

2. I'm sorry, I didn't get your first name - what is it again?

You'll get their name 99 times out of a 100.

Then you say,

3. If something changes regarding my car, should I call you at work or at home?

As soon as they answer that question, you say,

4. And what is that number?

Then say,

5. If my car sells first thing Saturday, (or what ever day you've chosen) do you have a Cell Phone I can call to let you know - I don't want you driving all the way over if the car is sold before you arrive.

Your prospective buyers will love that - and you'll get their Cell Phone number. 

Then say,

6. If something changes with your plans, can you please call me and let me know?

Then ask,

7. Do you need my phone number again? (if they called)

By asking these 7 simple, everyday questions, you've introduced a powerful motivational tool that will automatically eliminate 75% of your No-Shows.



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